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Concept, design, templating, programming of website, back-end tools and newsletter module


Since 2002


We have a long and successful business relationship and friendship with the Care Company and its founder, Andrea Ertl. The radical upheaval across the entire advertising industry can also be clearly discerned in these 15 years of collaboration. Originally limited to pure print projects such as the design of advertisements and informational brochures, communication nowadays has shifted to pure online projects. In between are interesting but short-lived experiments with new media, such as interactive CD-ROMs.

The rise of the smartphone changed everything. Not only the way in which we communicate but also how we collect information. Admittedly that makes a lot of things easier but also visibly flatter. The Care Company has always bucked this trend and is now using a different medium to convey its messages. Apart from the pure agency website, we have also developed a complete newsletter module with archive function, which centralizes and simplifies all press releases for the company and its clients.

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