Ge org!

Mobile communications by Media Markt and Saturn


Media-Saturn Österreich GmbH
A1 Telekom Austria AG




Concept, design, templating, copy wrinting, programming of website, customer tools and apps


Since 2013


In 2008, Media Markt and Saturn created a so-called MVNO ((Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in Austria called Ge org! and enclosed the appropriate SIM card with test credit in all devices sold on the respective markets. In 2014, Ge org! moved over to the network of A1 and the brand’s online presence underwent a complete relaunch.

For us, the exciting challenge at Ge org! was to raise an existing product to a contemporary level on the one hand and to work for two customers simultaneously on the other. That’s because brand management and communication reside directly with Media-Saturn, while technical processing and operations are the responsibility of A1. In practice, this division has proved to be absolutely fine because apart from supporting the online presence, we were also able to take care of project coordination.

Ge org! was voted into second place out of 23 mobile communications brands in 2016 by the independent Society for Consumer Studies.

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