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Brand development, concept, design, templating, programming of website and admin, print layout


Since 2015


Alternative healing methods often have to battle against all sorts of reservations, most of which concern the inadequate external presentation or explanation of the services offered. Apart from the purely technical aspect, this project also focused on building trust.

»When the inner world changes you, the outer world changes as well« was the fitting slogan of the spiritual master. And so it was particularly important for us when conceiving and designing the project to first get the user on board and then to guide him toward the topic in stages. Always with a light touch and informatively, in order to convey an initial impression of that pleasant feeling you can get from a Pranic Healing treatment.

The website for Kirstin Kluckert was implemented entirely in a responsive design and supplemented with an administration tool developed by BOBdesign, which allows all content to be managed really easily and intuitively.

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