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Concept, design, templating, copy wrinting, programming of website, customer tools and apps


Since 2016


When Austria’s biggest newspaper launches its own mobile communications brand with Austria’s leading communications provider A1, then expectations will naturally be very high. However, these expectations were less of a challenge on this project than the unusually tight timing: We had less than eight weeks from the first briefing to the scheduled start date.

In these eight weeks, we once again made the impossible possible – not least thanks to our dedicated core team, which has been working together for almost twenty years. Only this combination of experience, efficiency and know-how makes it even remotely possible to develop the concept and the content for a complete website with webshop, an app for three operating systems, the customer account and all accompanying forms in such a short space of time. Not to mention the back-end, which on a project of this scale has its own admin feature with user administration, billing tools as well as various interfaces to payment and logistics service providers.

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