Colorectal Cancer Self-Help Group

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Verein Selbsthilfe Darmkrebs


Non-profit organization


Concept, design, templating, programming of website, admin and back-end tools


Since 2014


Among the general public, cancer is one of those issues people would rather not speak about, but about which there is a whole bunch of questions. And not just from those with the disease but also from relatives and friends. Improving this situation is one of the main concerns of this Austrian self-help group for people with colorectal cancer.

Competent, comprehensible and timely information – still more of an exception than the rule in the health sector. Of course, the right information can actually save lives. In this sense, the solution we developed is mainly intended as a communication platform for dialog and offers a wide range of information to do with the topic of cancer.

Apart from the subject matter, this project was also technically something special for us: As the first website optimized both for the desktop and for mobile devices, it marked a kind of “turning point”, since when all new projects have been implemented exclusively in a responsive design.

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