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Sonja Prem


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Brand development,concept, design, templating, programming of website and admin, print layout


Support 2015


Complex matters are best described as simply as possible! It’s no accident that this was exactly our approach for the website of Sonja Prem, who – as an expert in strategic planning – practices precisely that simplification on a high level every day.

The viewer can read the page in various ways: Quickly as a virtual visiting card, in general terms as an informational flyer, or in detail as a specialist article. Content and form always combine to create a functional whole, automatically optimized to the device in question.

Why simplicity is always packed with complexity. The art of reduction is known to involve first identifying and strengthening what really matters, while at the same time leaving out anything unimportant. What in the field of design is still a process mainly based on experience becomes a real challenge in responsive templating, where you have to think in three formats simultaneously. The result, however, is always as simple as possible. And intuitive.

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