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A1 Telekom Austria AG




Concept, design, templating, copy writing and programming of website, account manager, apps and back-end tools


Since 2004


yesss! has been Austria’s leading provider of discounted mobile telephony for more than ten years. From the very beginning, yesss! has offered its customers low-cost and simple tariffs, which are made possible through strict cost control and no unnecessary frills.

The normally fast-paced advertising industry rarely offers the chance to support a customer intensively and for a really long time. When we held initial talks in the winter of 2004, we had no idea how this collaboration would develop into something so lasting. A “small” website quickly grew into a truly complex product with webshop, customer account, corporate customer shop, apps and a whole bunch of back-end tools. The website has already been recreated by us from the ground up three times over the years, most recently in winter 2015 as a responsive design solution.

yesss! was voted into first place out of 23 Austrian mobile communications brands in 2016 by the independent Society for Consumer Studies (Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien).

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